Welcome to Hamburg

So you are thinking about coming to Hamburg with the boys, are you? This might actually be the best Idea you have had all year. Hamburg is predestined to be your touring destination! Our tournament attracts amateur teams from all over. So why don’t you come for a proper, nice weekend with your team and join in the fun?

Getting here

We are confident that you will manage to find your way to Hamburg. Once here we will have somebody pick you up at the airport or the train station and show you the way around. The tournament is at the Rugby Arena Saarlandstraße 71. To get to hamburg in the first place, you can find flights from:

EX Brussels, Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris, Toulouse, Bucarest,

Ex London/Luton, Edinburgh, Manchester

Ex Copenhagen, Glasgow, Newcastle, Stockholm

Staying here

I am sure that if we just ask nicely, we can all crash at my moms. But even if that doesn’t work there still are two other options for you:

Camping by the pitch. We will even be able to organise some tents and camp beds for you and the guys, if you are coming with one of those airlines that offer limited baggage space at affordable prices. Please get in touch if thats how you want this to go down…
Hostel / Hotel: Hamburg has everyting, from the mere roof over your head to any kind of luxury you can imagine. We have put together a small list of places that would just love to have a rugby team over to stay:

Generator Hostel near the Main Train Station

One of four A&O Hostels to choose from

There are two very cool Superbude Hostels, one in St. George, by the Train station and one in St. Pauli near the Reeperbahn

Or the Meininger in central Altona, which also has special offers for groups and travelling clubs: