The tournament

A one day tournament, right in the heart of Hamburg. 16 Teams compeeting for glory and the right to call themselves the champions of cities most prestigeous rugby event



The location

The stadium is right in hamburgs central Stadtpark, just a couple of stops from the famous Reeperbahn and the city center. There will be camping on site available, but we wopuld be happy to help you get set up in one of the many hostels and hotels, if roughing it is not for you or you feel that inviting a lady home, from the party, into your tent is a bit of a challenge…


The party

It is said that every human that likes to drink, dance and party, has to visit Hamburg at least once in their life. The Hamburg Exiles Rugby F.C. is composed of a bunch of expats and germans who got so drunk, they never made it back… Trust us, you are in good hands!


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